Virtual exhibition of Sardinian tapestries, carpets and textiles

Sardinia is a land of weavers. Since ancient times Sardinian people have woven to protect themselves from the cold but also to embellish their residences. Among the tapestries and carpets can be found the most widely diverse shapes and symbols, always of good omen, to bring colour and good luck into their homes.

In Sardinia there are many different weaving traditions, and in the photographic display below you can see different schools of weaving on the island, as well as ancient crafts (such as chest covers, saddlebags and blankets). The captions on the images specify the type of product, the craftsman who made it (some items are made by non-professionals as there is a long tradition of home hand weaving in Sardinia), the year of production, if any, and where these textiles can be admired. We would like to thank the Weavers’ Cooperative Su Trobasciu, il the Artisan Textile Laboratory Isabella Frongia, Mariantonia Urru, Arte Tessile Sarda, Giuseppe Pipia, Franca Carta and the MURATS Museum. Photography by Gigi Cabiddu Brau.