Istós – a word that means “loom” in Greek – originates from the hills and mountains of Sardinia, the island that lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is inspired by the legend of the Il Cervo In Ascolto (The Listening Deer), recorded in the collection Miele Amaro (Bitter Honey) by Salvatore Cambosu, a Sardinian writer and journalist who operated between the ’30s and ’60s.

The story features fantastic elements through which the origins of the several schools of Sardinian weaving are told, the last textile traditions still alive in Europe, consisting in craftsmen, small cooperatives and labs where the pieces remained handmade and each carpet or tapestry has its own unique story.

It’ s a show almost entirely made by women, just like our world of weaving. The show is directed by Maria Assunta Calvisi, from Effimero Meraviglioso, and written by Virginia Garau, from Teatro Tragodia, who are two strong women of the Sardinian theatre scene, active for over 30 years in the production of shows and in education.

The Story

Suspended in a motionless time, which is typical of fairy tales, Istós tells the fantastic story of the family that gave life to all the textile traditions of Sardinia.

Freely adapted from the story “Il Cervo In Ascolto” by Salvatore Cambosu, it tells the story of a young weaver, Iana, with her 3 daughters, and of a listening deer, mysterious and ambiguous, who observes the scene and marks the rhythm of the story.

The story shifts between the real and the magical world: the name of the protagonist, Iana, evokes the Janas, the fairies of Sardinian mythology, who were the first weavers and donated this tradition to Sardinian people.

Scene Costumes

The costumes of the show – made by Caterina Peddis, actress and costume designer of Teatro Tragodia for about 20 years – show the primordial world in which the fairy tale is set, a world where the weaving art is still related to the basic needs of humankind.

The three sisters are dressed in white and the only ornament is a series of threads on the mother’s robe. Threads which represent the beginning of a process that the three daughters will continue, each weaving her own story and thus shaping the diverse textile traditions of Sardinia.

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Teatro Tragodia, based in Mogoro at the Theatre “Fabbrica delle Gazzose”, has been operating for over 30 years in the theatrical and education field, with particular attention to Sardinian culture identity themes and to a reinterpretation of popular theatre in which words and gestures are analyzed and redefined.


L’Effimero Meraviglioso born in 1991 in Sinnai. From that point on it keeps putting forward a project of a vital theatre, able to instill emotions and ideas, thus working on the body, words, images, sounds and collaborating with actors and theatrical operators from many places and experiences.

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Ditta Luigi Spano has been offering its skills for over 20 years, to give a quality technical support, from the equipment to the design of the most technical aspects of the show. It mainly deals with concerts, music events, and theatrical shows from all over the island.

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